Office Style - Women's Clothing For Office

In the modern world, more and more women choose the thorny path of career growth. Becoming an office worker, a lady must show all her best qualities, and her wardrobe is no exception. Therefore, fashion designers every year develop a line of fashionable clothes for business women click for more about women's clothes.

The whole ensemble should be made in a strict style, without bright decoration, jeans and miniskirts are excluded. A women's business suit is designed to emphasize elegance and good taste. Recommended skirt styles, no longer than the knee. The pencil skirt looks great with a blouse of light tones (white, cream, beige) and a strap of strict shapes, emphasizing the waist. Blouse should not have ruches, frills, color inserts.

Trousers are not recommended to be worn by a female head, this is considered a bad form. Pantsuit is more suitable for mid-level managers or lower in rank. However, this clothing should also be seasoned. Wide, narrow, flared trousers - outfit not for the office. At work, a straight cut with a jacket or jacket, without patch pockets and defective parts, will do. The best option is a suit of neutral color (black, gray, beige, brown) with a straight cut jacket, with slightly extended shoulders, slightly below the waist.

It is necessary to select dresses with a fitted silhouette, dress-cases. A thin or wide belt will help to correctly place an emphasis on the waist. Complete ladies will help out such an element as the Baska, which will hide the flaws of the figure. The decollete can not be deep, the preference is given to the classic neckline in the form of an oval. A small geometric print is acceptable. You can revive the dress with patch pockets. Fabrics for office women's clothing choose the same reserved: drape, wool, linen and cotton. A barely noticeable pattern in the form of a strip is allowed.

The shoes of a business woman should be on the heel, regardless of the time of the year. Of course, this is not a figured 20-centimeter hairpin. For the office, neither sandals nor boots are suitable, it can only be shoes on a small heel, which are always in one tone with clothes, without ornaments. Therefore, each suit is recommended for its own pair of shoes. Pantyhose is an integral part of the office image. The dress code at work does not allow walking with bare legs. The color of tights is only one - beige.

As for the hairstyle, the main rule is clean well-groomed hair. Long hair can be tied in a tail, stabbed in a bun at the back of the head, curls and waves are also acceptable. Haircut always implies a thorough laying, that is - no disheveled strands or shaved temples. Accessories should not be challenging, although under a strict suit you can pick up large jewelry, which requires a minimum amount. Watch, bracelet, ring, - all in a single variant.

Make-up meets the necessary criteria, can not be provocative and vulgar. All skin imperfections are recommended to be hidden, that is, bruises and bags under the eyes, a tired appearance should be masked with a foundation. Eyebrows and eyes do not have an accent, it is preferable to the shade of light gentle tones and quite a few carcasses. Lipstick - matte, with a firm base, soft colors (caramel, pink, coral).

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